❝Negotiating the City❞

For this project we are required to produce a series of a minimum of ten high quality digital prints centred around the theme ‘Negotiating the City.’ 

I’ve started off this project by creating a ‘thought shower’ or a ‘mind map’ and I’ve collected a few ideas for possible experiments, shoots and outcomes.

My First idea was creating an image that was made up of smaller images (this idea was inspired by David Hockey’s photography work). I will avoid copying his work, but I hope I will be able to create my own style from this photographing technique. I will experiment first with small objects around my house; so I’ll be able to see how this technique works and correct any mistakes I make, before I head out in to a city and take photos. I have my own reason to create an image like this, but David Hockey had his own reason that is different to mine – I will have to do some more research into why he created images like this and I will also explain mine.

Paint Trolley, L.A. 1985, 1985 photographic collage, 41×61 in.


My second idea was to take photos of raindrops on windows that over look a city, however the main focus will be on the raindrops – the city in the background is blurred out. I’m not too sure where to go with this idea but I’ll have to do some research into other photographers and artist and get some ideas. Someone also suggested that I should try and take photos of the city within a raindrop so the city was upside – which could be quite a challenge (but I’m up for it!)


Another idea I had was to take photos of the city within reflections of buildings or have buildings reflecting within glass buildings, I’ll explain more of that later, but someone suggested I could link this idea with the David Hockney technique.


That’s it for now, I’ll update very soon!

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