❝Whitby Gothic Weekend Shoot! (November 2013)❞

This weekend I did a shoot around Whitby (which is just further north of York, where I did my last shoot). There was a special event on in the sea side town called ‘Whitby Gothic Weekend,’ the event is a celebration that happens at the nearest weekend via Halloween and a weekend in April to mark the day Dracula ‘landed’ in Whitby when he came to England in the classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel.

The Whitby Gothic Weekend (WGW) is an established and popular gothic festival that happens twice a year, for some it’s a time to dress up and show off their creations, ideas and just be yourself, located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. 

Quote from: http://www.whitbygothicphotos.co.uk/

The great thing about this event is it has gotten popular over the years and more and more people come to the event and dress up in some amazing outfits! Not every one comes dressed in goth, other popular choices are Steampunk, punk, biker, and even Cyber goth too!

While I was going round taking photos of some lovely people who had dressed up; a young girl in costume said she and her friend make their own outfits for these events and as soon as the weekend is over they begin planning and make their next costumes for next time!

This event is a great place for photographers (like my self) and also anyone interested in Fashion; whether they are looking for inspiration or even to show off their work.

This was a personal project be I would like to link this to my ‘Navigating the City’ project and you can find the images I took in this post here: https://staceysimons.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/whitby-gothic-weekend-november-2013/

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