❝Artist Research and Inspiration!❞

Due to my keyboard breaking last week I didn’t get a chance to share with you some photographers I’ve been looking at, so here are some now!!


Dave Beckerman’s images are just so beautiful and pleasant to look at. He takes photos of ‘everyday’ images like happenings around a city (mostly New York), which is similar to what I did around York. His work jumps between coloured images, black and white images, day time and night time, I’ll be trying out coloured and black and white images.

Check out his blog here: https://plus.google.com/+DaveBeckerman/posts


A photographer I found last year called Darren Pearson (also known as Darius Twin) creates most of his images at night around a city and he uses a technique called light graffiti (which is also known as light drawings and light paintings). Light Drawings require long exposer times on a camera.

Darren Pearson has tutorials on his YouTube Channel and on his website on how to create your own images, which is very useful for beginners and people new to this photographic technique.

I mentioned light drawings in my mind map post but I haven’t gotten around to making any and experiment which this technique yet, but I thought I’d better show off what I’ve researched first, before I jumped into this.

DAILY LIGHT LEAK – 10/21/13: Monday Blues Source: http://www.dariustwin.com/


More to came soon!!!

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