❝Critique Review – 28/10/13❞

I haven’t had a chance to reflect on the critique I had for this project so here it it!

We sat in small groups and we showed off some of our images we had made, I showed the images I had create on my first shoot in York:

IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2359 IMG_2362 IMG_2404

And I even showed off my David Hockney inspired image of York Minister!


The sweet store image (above) got some negative feedback and my peers and lecturers in the group felt it didn’t go with the other images; because of the bold colours, despite the fact all of the images were created in the same city, however they did say it was a nice image and looked quite nice on it’s own. They thought the David Hockney styled image looked good as a centred piece and the other images looked like a part of it; even though they couldn’t see where they linked to the Minster – however one of the lecturers wished I had done more with this style and even photograph a bigger image with even more images of the surrounding area of the Minister (this technique was only an experiment and now I’ve gotten some really good feedback I’m going to develop this further).

My lecturers also felt that York wasn’t a suitable place to photograph; as I don’t get there very often (I’ve been going there every weekend and planning out my journey during the week) and they suggested going to a city that was closer to me, like Derby. Derby has been my home city since I was born and I wanted to try photographing a city that was unfamiliar to me (also quite a few of my peers are already photographing Derby and I wanted to be different to everyone else, so I was a little taken aback by this comment from the lectures…)

I’m going to continue experimenting with David Hockney’s style and try to make some more images like this and maybe even on a bigger scale!!


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