❝Critique – 11th November❞

Originally typed – 15th November 2013 (Due to technical problems I’ve been having trouble posting on WordPress).

At this critique I presented my two joiner images (Whitby Abbey and the York Minister) and five landscapes of York, and four portraits from the Whitby Gothic weekend.

IMG_2474 IMG_2488 IMG_2449 IMG_2462

IMG_2404 IMG_2417 IMG_2343 IMG_2362 IMG_2430

A few issues were pointed out:

● They couldn’t tell if the images were taken at the same place, even though it was hinted as I presented the York images together and the Whitby images together (next time I’ll place them further apart from one another).

● They felt the image of the church; the one that is portrait format, didn’t fit the other landscape images and they said I should remove it from the series or edit it/reshoot so it is landscape. I did think this was my weakest image, so I might remove it and maybe replace it with some other images that I believe were stronger.

● They wanted to see more of the portraits, however they didn’t understand how the portraits linked in with the Abbey (until I told them how they were).

● It was suggested that I should choose between maybe presenting only one set of images (example the portraits from the Gothic Weekend and the Abbey joiner) so it would be less confusing, however I wanted to have different locations (like Whitby) surrounding my York images (I still have a couple of photoshoots to do to be able to do this.)

● I should drop the joiners images and stick with the ‘normal’ images so it would be less confusing (which I already was debating of doing).

This crit was really helpful; it help me see which were my strongest images and what was weakest, it also helped me see what other people got from my images and how they felt about them. However I still don’t know which road to take and which suggestions I should take on board…

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