❝Evaluation of Overall Project!❞

Originally typed – 7th December 2013 (Due to technical problems I’ve been having trouble posting on WordPress).

 Though out this project; my ideas have changed a lot; especially from feedback I have had.

The idea of this project was to create joiners of landmarks in a city, however I would find myself wondering round aimlessly taking photos of other things around the city (almost like a tourist) the idea was for me to head into a city I don’t know very well and ‘navigate’ my way around the city and even the surrounding area – encouraging me to explore and find things that would make interesting images. I did have some problems along the way, the main on was loosing two photoshoots due to a corrupted memory card… However even though I didn’t get more photos than I wanted to; they photoshoot in Whitby did help me walk up to strangers and ask for their photo (if they hadn’t been dressed up, it might have been more difficult as I didn’t have a good enough reason).

Apart from the lost images I have enjoyed this project; I feel more confident wondering round a place I’ve never been before and made ‘baby steps’ towards asking random people for their photo.

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