Inspiration for shoots!

The image below is a beautiful example of the city reflecting at night in water. The blurred lights are just so beautiful, I’d love to do something like this (maybe not to this scale, something smaller might just be as nice), I’d love to experiment with this during my shoots.

A lovely example of cars’ headlights captured in the city, a great way to show people moving though the city, even at night. Another technique I’d like to try out in my shoots.

A VERY long exposed image to get empty street; you can tell because you can see a blurred figure to left on the road. Even though the image is taken at night it’s still bright and colourful.

Another image of the city at night (with a river or lake reflecting the lights back).

Lights shining on a status with the city behind all lit up in the water.

Lights reflecting in the water, plus the moon! Most (if not all) of the water is filled with lights from the bridge and city.

The idea of photographing the city during horrible weather could be quite interesting; maybe photograph the same part of the city over a few days and compare them.

After looking at other people’s work and getting some ideas, I feel more confident in my shoots – I can now go out and know what sort of image I want (I have narrowed my idea down to photographing people moving through the city at night).


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