Simon Roberts

  • Simon Roberts is a British photographer.

He takes landscape images of people at a seaside holiday towns/cities, in the countryside, castles, and English landmarks; he tries to shows the ‘best’ of England on current social and cultural issues by photograpghing the people doing ‘British things’ like going to carboot sales, golfing, camping, walking through the fields, BMX or pigeon racing.

© Simon Roberts // Image source:

Photographing people like this – but in a city environment, could be interesting; whether I photograph people doing their shopping, eating or heading somewhere because different people do different things while they are out. I would like to capture people’s movements as the walk through the city as it can be quite busy and crowed and showing this in my images could be a great way to express this idea and theory by using long exposure times to blur their movements slighting.

© Simon Roberts // Image source:

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