First Shoot [15/03/14]

My first night time shoot went really well, especially after doing some research into what other people did, and they inspired me for my shoot and really helped out a lot. A couple of problem did come up that couldn’t really be helped; then I was photographing the boats some of them where blurred slightly because they moved on the water will I made the exposure. Also some of the images that I did take where either too dark or over exposed; which meant that I had to take a few shots of the same scene before I got it right. However after a long few hours I managed to get some pretty cool images (below), that show the city lit up at night and the life surrounding it. The weather for this shoot was perfect; it was a clear night and wasn’t windy (but it was cold!), I’m hoping my next shoot will be like this, after looking at my images some do need reshooting and I didn’t quite capture the cars on the road very well, so I’ll need to experiment with that again.

Shoot 1 - 1 Shoot 1 - 2 Shoot 1 - 3 Shoot 1 - 4 Shoot 1 - 5 Shoot 1 - 6 Shoot 1 - 7 Shoot 1 - 8

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