Second Shoot! [29/03/14]

Another great night shoot! I managed to capture more of the seaside city (the same place as my last shoot); and even got the chance to do what I couldn’t do very well last time and I captured the headlights of moving cars passing through. I tried capturing the boats again; but I had the same problem as last time, the boats moved because they were on water. The weather that night wasn’t very good, there was fog everywhere and you can see it in my images slightly, in fact when I mix the images from the other shoot with the ones I did here I’m not too sure whether people will be able to tell if these images where taken on different days, with the different weather I had to shoot on different setting on my camera, but this image I could shoot on a longer time than I did on my last shoot.

Shoot 2 - 1 Shoot 2 - 2 Shoot 2 - 3 Shoot 2 - 4 Shoot 2 - 5 Shoot 2 - 6 Shoot 2 - 7 Shoot 2 - 8

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