After the disappointment from my last idea for this project, I never thought I’d come back and create better images for this project. I was really knocked down and I never wanted to come back to this… Bit after settling back into uni and starting two more projects I felt I needed to come back to this project and ‘finish off’ what I started.

To help me gain some inspiration I looked though some ideas to help me with my new images I found a few images of the city lit up at night and some even accompanied by water that reflected their own image of the city. Even though I knew what I was doing unfortunately I didn’t get much help; I didn’t get much feedback from lectures until the very end, I ended up asking for feedback from friends and family. They helped out as much as they could; considering they didn’t know that much about what I was doing or even that much about photography.

I’m happy with the images I chosen; considering I didn’t have much time to do this – I worked with the what I could do. Some of the images that I have chosen for my finals could be better, some of them were over exposed and too bright, but considering this was my first time taking photos at night I thought I did very well.

The idea was to show that even at night the city is still alive and busy with people walking round and messing around and I wanted to capture people moving though the city, I did this by blurring people out slightly as the walked passed me, and even drove passed me by having long exposure times while capturing the people of the city, and I even managed to capture water capturing the lights from the city, these create very interesting images as water capture their own image – an image we don’t tend to stop and look at, especially in a busy city.

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